What is Procreate app and how to install it on Windows?

Procreate app is a graphic editing and digital painting application developed and released on iOS and Windows by Savage Interactive. Procreate for Windows has been designed in such a way that the user can make the most of its versatility. It comes bundled with tools and intuitive features that make the application desirable among designers. Until recently, the application could only be used on Apple devices, but this spring Procreate is also available on PCs.

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Is it worth using Procreate?

Although there are many alternatives to Procreate on the market, the latter is the most widely used design application. Whether you are an artist or just like to draw, this app is suitable for anyone because it will help you save time and experiment before turning digital art into a painting on canvas.

Is the Procreate application free on Windows?

The basic version of Procreate is free. But if you want access to all the Premium features, you will need to pay a small subscription. But here we come to your aid with a little trick: the PC version is completely unlocked and you can use all the features completely free. Isn't that wonderful?

On what devices can I use Procreate software?

Initially, Procreate was launched on the iOS platform, but this year in 2022, this program can be used on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Whether you use the application on iOS or PC systems, you will find the same features on both ecosystems.

Is Procreate Good for Artists?

Developed by professionals for artists. Procreate has all the necessary tools and satisfies the most demanding needs of any artist with numerous brushes, sketches, and illustrations as well as animations.

Is Procreate free to download?

You can download Procreate for free. For iOS, the basic application is free but the premium features require an annual subscription. In our opinion, the PC version is much more lucrative and accessible to any user.

Can I install Procreate on Windows PC?

Although the app was originally released for iOS, Procreate is now available on Windows, including Windows 11. The demand has been so high that developers have considered creating such an app for Windows users as well.

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What Our Fantastic Users Say

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I always wanted to be able to create cartoon characters. Now my dream has come true with Procreate for Windows. I love this app and thank those who made it possible!

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I use this application because it makes me relax. Here I find all kinds of features that I do not find in other applications. The software is stable and very versatile. It helped me a lot to create the design of some NFTs.

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I recommend this application for all those who want to draw or just play creating new characters. I personally use the app to generate new hero designs. It is unexpectedly good and most importantly, it is free.


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